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Custom Wedding Invitations & More!

You are one-of-a-kind! We believe your invitations should be a unique reflection of you, the one-of-a-kind couple that inspires the design. Your brand of originality can’t be expressed by a mass-produced, store-bought invitations. Through a one-on-one consultation, we create a piece of artwork that reflects your personality and creates a sense of anticipation of your guests.

As you begin to create an image of your invitation just keep in mind - anything is possible. Mix and match elements from any invitation you have ever seen. Use ribbon, shift color palettes to match your wedding theme, add visual references to a location from your courtship or wedding, like Paris or the beach. This is your canvas, express yourself! Our past collaborations reveal the creativity and passion we bring to every captivating piece.


Whether you ask us to use an existing design as a creative starting point or have us create your invitation from scratch, each element will be meticulously          considered in light of your vision for the wedding. The result will be a creation that is uniquely and unquestionably; you.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

The best way to appreciate all the options available to you is to make a one-on-one consultation with our staff at your convenience.  At this consultation we will discuss your wishes for the wedding and the invitation from design options to paper and so forth. You may share inspirations with us that capture the feeling you want to express - like a meaningful place, a season or a cultural reference. You may have something more specific like a color, flower, symbol or photograph that you would like us to incorporate in to the design. Each element of the invitation (the color, the materials, the shape, the images, and the packaging) can be adjusted to match your ideas. We welcome and will happily accept ideas, comments, questions and concerns.

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